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Do you know the secrets of the magic fruit? Elderberries - an immune system booster is hard to ignore

Immunity Support Gummie - IMMU SupportDo you know the secrets of the magic fruit? Elderberries - an immune system booster is hard to ignore

Elderberries have been known for many years to be full of antioxidants and vitamins that can help boost the internal immune system of your body as well as provide other health benefits. 

They have been shown to be of considerable value in this process and have been the subject of many studies throughout the World.

The studies on Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity shows that elderberries have a higher dose of antioxidants than blueberries which are very popular for their own health benefits . 

Berries generally are known to be some of the most nutritious dietary benefits available, and elderberries are important to involve in your diet as they include  Vitamins B & C, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium & Zinc, all vital elements for immunity well-being.

Elderberry based supplements are an easy way to get you right in the healthy groove. They are so convenient and easy to enjoy.

Let’s hit the facts on elderberries in particular and find out how they can really work for you.

Immunity Booster - so important right now 

Various studies help us to understand that elderberries can boost and support the immunity system and immunity to colds and flu. Various studies of a number of adults with flu type symptoms, those who took a small dose of elderberry syrup four times a day saw symptoms clear up on average several days earlier than those who took alternative syrup. Another study found it assisted also air travelers with shorter and less severe flu and cold symptoms.


Rich in antioxidants which serve to protect the body cells against free radicals which may play a role in heart disease, cancer & other diseases. Anti-oxidants are where much of the value of Elderberries are focused and are also of great  benefit in Immunity defence.

Vitamin B6

Vital for supporting the biochemical reactions of the immune system, vitamin B6, also known as pyroxidine, is part of the vitamin B complex. It has an essential role in the formation of hemoglobin, in the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, amino acids and lipid muscle and has a beneficial influence on the skin. 


Iron deficiency damages immunity, so it must be treated properly so that the body can defend itself against pathogens. This mineral has an important role in the body, being an essential nutrient for life.

Vitamin C 

Rich in Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, which has several important functions including maintaining healthy body cells, skin, blood vessels , bones and cartilage muscle. Also assists in wound healing.

Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins for the immune system, protects against infections, stimulates hormone synthesis, prevents allergic reactions, helps tissue regeneration and directly stimulates the immune system. It has the ability to slow down the processes of ageing and cell damage.

Our body does not produce or store vitamin C, so the daily intake is extremely important for the body.  It is found in large quantities in fresh fruits and vegetables, but also in the form of supplementation, where intake has been controlled in some research.

Vitamin C deficiency makes the body more prone to disease.

Cancer related problems

Researchers have experimented with Elderberries to assist with the understanding of cancer  treatment claiming some positive results. It appears that the enhancing of the immune system is the key factor.


Rich in fibre to aid your digestive process. Elderberries can contribute usefully to your daily fibre requirement.

The body frame 

It is a matter of record that potassium, calcium and iron are known to strengthen bones. They are all to be found in the elderberry.

Body mass control

Elderberries contain some of the nutrients our body requires on a daily basis and reduces the need to indulge in less healthy eating, thus both weight issues and bone health can be supported.

Anti-inflammation, Anti-ageing and general health.

Various studies and publications explore and applaud the benefits of all fruit to enhance health but noticeably elderberries are very frequently mentioned in terms improvements to hair, eyes skin, and even the more natural functions such as the excretion of waste matter from the body .

An element of Elderberry is quercetin which is quoted to have a positive effect on the health of the brain.  Those groups with a high quercetin intake are quoted as showing a high percent reduction rate in lung cancer related deaths.  It has also anti stress related qualities.

The heart – our engine room

The potassium element can help regulate our blood pressure and relax the blood vessels which in turn can reduce the overall strain on the heart. Cholesterol levels may also benefit.


So now you can understand the amazing benefits of elderberries. Our IMMU Support Gummies are particularly rich in Elderberries and you have an efficient and enjoyable way to gain the benefits.

IMMU Support Gummies are a vital part of the modern way to bring a healthy lifestyle to you.


Please note :  Raw elderberry should not be taken without correct preparation.

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